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The Highest Standard of Care


We are an Independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) firm, offering investment advisory and financial planning services under a client-service model for comprehensive wealth management.

What is our "Highest Standard of Care?"

While we offer a variety of individual and corporate services, our firm's unique value proposition is provided through “Premier Advisory Services,” our client-service delivery program. When the comprehensive financial planning process* has been completed, we move into “Premier Advisory Services,” where we begin plan implementation and then deliver ongoing advice, service, and plan updating through systematic quarterly or even monthly meetings. With this process and our “no cost for phone calls” policy, we can easily analyze changes to a financial situation as needed. We counsel and work together at least once quarterly to consider course corrections and to implement recommended adjustments as things change over time. We believe this process offers clients an increased likelihood of achieving their objectives.

At our RIA firm, we are committed to the highest standard of client care. As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® certificate holders, we follow the comprehensive financial planning process* of data gathering, financial modeling and evaluation,. Additionally, our recommendations are developed interactively with clients. We follow the CFP® Code of Ethics, and as an RIA firm, we act in a fiduciary1 capacity when providing investment advice to our clients. We believe this to be the "Highest Standard of Care."

The unique challenges faced by clients today require easy access to financial advice that is

  • appropriate,
  • accurate,
  • timely,
  • and recurrent.

Additionally, clients require advice provided by trusted professionals that are

  • skilled,
  • informed,
  • and have the client's best interests at hear.

Our firm is focused, and our wealth management advisors are committed to providing only the Highest Standard of Care. 

*this involves completing a thorough data gathering process; modeling and comparison analysis; developing and clarifying goals; defining objectives; evaluating risk tolerance; and the interactive development of an appropriate, uniquely designed financial plan that is approved by the client

1A fiduciary is a person or entity that acts solely in the best interest of the client and their beneficiaries. A fiduciary relationship requires responsibility, knowledge, expertise, trust, good faith and honesty. The fiduciary also has the obligation to act in the best interests of the client and to disclose potential conflicts of interest if a situation arises that has potential benefit to the individual or entity acting as the fiduciary. 


Certified Financial PlannerStrategic Wealth Management, LLC, is a Registered Investment Adviser specializing in providing Wealth Management services, Comprehensive Financial Planning and Consulting services.  Securities are offered through United Planners Financial Services of America, a Limited Partnership Member FINRA/SIPC. Strategic Wealth Management, LLC and United Planners are not affiliated.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck